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Physical Health

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BHE Scientific Approach & Skills for Total Wellness

A simplification of forgotten science that connects it to current situations and provides basic skills to maintain and/or regain wellness.

BHE Scientific Approach & Skills to Total Wellness was first published in 2018. That was before the concept of Emotional Intelligence became popular.

What is the relationship between BHE Scientific Approach & Skills to Total Wellness and Emotional Intelligence?

BHE Scientific Approach & Skills to Total Wellness was not only the precursor of Emotional Intelligence but also introduced the invisible essences that control us, unless we acknowledge them. In other words, the concept of emotional intelligence fails to include the physiological aspect of emotions.

Before being a physical and/or a mental state, total wellness starts from within and is regularized by invisible substances.
Knowing what's going on within us makes it effortless to adapt easy skills to our daily routine and improve our total wellness.  

BHE Scientific Approach & Skills for Total Wellness Video

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An invitation to appreciate how our inner functions are activated.


Video Length: 9 minutes

Interested in knowing more after purchasing the video?
We offer a personalized second part to BHE Scientific Approach to Total Wellness.

My Life Blueprint - Your Road to Self-Realization


This blueprint consists of seven phases created to define where you want to go, where you are coming from, and how to get there, regardless of how young or how old you are.

Your blueprint is designed and directed by Dr. Bijaoui, one phase at the time and at your own speed. Exchanges are by emails, online and/or phone meetings. Dr. Bijaoui will respond within 48 hours of purchase to begin phase one.

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