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The Other Side of The Curtain 

The Other Side of The Curtain 

Recovering from Deep Coma

Brain Power Activation Through Dreaming

by Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui

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Brain Power Activation Through Dreaming
A life Assessed by Dreams Post Analysis 

An amazing non-fiction story of brain injury and coma survival after an accident!

Book Trailer
Travel with us back and forth!

Nadia’s interview with Kinshasha Kambui creator of HealthNotes: From the Hearts of a Natural Woman 
SUPER MUSIC & INTERVIEW @ KFAI Radio Without Boundaries Minneapolis - St Paul

“There is always a hidden reason we usually do not see at first giving meaning to a trauma and providing a real chance to heal, to grow, and to transmit” 

- Dr. Nadia Bijaoui.


Kinshasha’s interview focuses on the space between life and death, on dreaming, and on the recovery process with its main architect, Anna Boukris, Nadia’s mother. The interview also narrates a message for universal peace; and the creation of Bio Health Education, a health system that Dr. Bijaoui designed while working on her own recovery, growth, and self-realization.

About the Book

The author loved living in the South of France and studying French literature and poetry, until the political events of May 1968. One year later, at 18, she was pronounced dead after a motorcycle accident. 

The Other Side of The Curtain is the space between life and death. 

Instead of a motorcycle accident fatal statistic, The Other Side of The Curtain is an amazing non-fiction account of brain injury and coma survival in France. 

A couple of years later, the author moved to the United States and tried to forget about her accident.


But there are things in life that one cannot forget.

Years later, in Los Angeles, Nadia began a secret search to understand beyond being “a miracle” why she survived the way she did. She found seven elements that made her survival a reality. She also realized that her accident was the consequence of her subconscious “Death Wish”, as explained by Freud. 


Nadia transcended her pains into “Learning & Growing From PTSD”, Part 2 of her book.


The Other Side of The Curtain is also a visit to dreamland.


The author narrates seven dreams including a premonition dream of her accident. 

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2023 EPUB of The Other Side of The Curtain ~
Brain Power Activation Through Dreaming.

This Electronic Edition is not a simple e-book but the electronic reproduction of the paper book with scientific research explained plus visual and colored highlights at most pages.
Number of pages: 273
Number of words: 62016
Cost: $17.55

The Other Side of The Curtain has been published with different subtitles but the
content of the book is the same.

Book Preview


Traumatic brain injury
Surviving death experience

Psychology & psychoanalysis
Wellness & medicine
Historical context – Violence of May 1968 in France

Cross-cultural settings – South of France and Los Angeles
Emotional energy
Metaphysics & spirituality

Book Reviews

Mari Selby

“Nadia is a miracle! She survived a catastrophic motorcycle accident! While she chronicles her fascinating experience of recovering from a coma, her comments and health suggestions as a researcher and doctor complete the picture of recovery.

She says, ‘I never remembered anything about what happened to me before and after the accident...The amnesia had removed the imprint of those events from my brain...Everything I have written about the accident, I did not know it. I lived it. I felt it in my body, my heart, and my soul. But I never knew it.’ 

The accident occurred in 1969 within the background of the student riots of May 1968. For people who are interested in coma... anyone who loves French literature or history ... and really anyone who loves a story of overcoming adversity this is a must read!”


Elizabeth Kerr, author of The Spin

“The Other Side of the Curtain is the poignant journey in three parts of a child of the Diaspora to become Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, psychoanalyst and health educator. The first two parts of the book constitute a memoir about growing up in Tunisia, Paris, Nice and Marseille in a close-knit Jewish family, where education and spiritual heritage were paramount. Her descriptions of the sweets she devoured were enough to make one gain pounds while reading them. A half-gallon of Neapolitan ice cream and a tin of brownies were consumed (on her behalf)…it was the least I could do. Her pleasures consisted of long walks, dance classes, and those wicked sweets.

Following the rigorous French educational model, the author studied hard for the 1969 Baccalaureate Exam, after the infamous May 1968. No sooner had she passed the exam and gotten her score, than a terrible accident occurred. How she survived is the mystery she spent decades studying, seeking a therapy model that might help other victims of PTSD and coma in their recovery.

The third part of the book consists of her breakdown of the seven elements which she believes came together to save her. Rooted in Freudian perspective, Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui has created a model which incorporates the needs of the body, the mind and the spirit. As clinical as the last section reads, she has left room for the Divine. I’m not sure Dr. Freud would approve, but being a near-death survivor myself, I do. I wish her the greatest success.” 


Jo Dennis

"“A mystery from a real-life experience that may help you make sense of your own life.”


A. House

“Bijaoui’s narrative tells an emotional true tale of recovery, love, and faith. Her story is as inspiring as it is jaw dropping. Her unique model for her book leads the reader into various doorways of her life at different time periods, which offers an intriguing glimpse inside the thought process and dreams she experienced throughout the years. The interconnectedness of her seemingly unrelated experiences is fascinating; her attitude and outlook on the world are equally mesmerizing.


Childhood memories, both good and painful, blur into that tragic night in 1969. A motorcycle crash sent Bijaoui flying 36 meters, and she landed on the pavement without a helmet and was pronounced dead. She writes about her time in French hospitals, the vivid dream she had about her three-month coma, the spiritual aspects of being in that transcendental state.


Bijaoui also details the time-spent decades later undergoing an emotional and psychological healing that she did not allow herself to engage in immediately after the accident. It is during this time period that she evaluates her dreams, some of them profoundly prophetic, and looks back at her life with a clear mind and open heart. She sought the ultimate recovery, which took her into her own psyche and to healers who extracted years of deep, buried pain that still existed in her ‘once-broken body’.


The Other Side of The Curtain is a compelling memoir of a woman whose life has been dotted with both joy and tragedy, but always with courage. Spirituality mixes with shocking true tales and the history of the past in her memorable book."


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