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Our Teams

The members of our dream teams are introduced by alphabetical order.

BHE Dream Team

Nadia Bijaoui.jpg

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui
Creator of Bio Health Education (BHE)

It became crystal clear to Dr. Bijaoui early on that a new kind of health model was needed, based on research findings but tailored to the general population. Those with scientific expertise are few, but everyone is concerned with optimal health. BHE is the bridge between those scientific findings and the individual’s quest to understand and protect their health. The gift of health has many facets expressed in several dimensions. Each member of the BHE Dream Team has particular knowledge and unique perspective to share for a healthier and better world.

Stay tuned to meet our next five team members!

Jane H..jpg

Jane Halevy Moreno
L’Artiste du Jour!

Jane holds a pencil like a magic feather with much passion and an amazing visual capture! Several of her art pieces were created to illustrate BHE publications. Those pieces and others will soon be displayed at BHE Club-CRK to be admired and available in the BHE Shop for purchase. Her incomparable talent is revealed in her incredible special effects scenes and made her an especially sought-after make-up artist. We are excited to announce she will soon be producing Art Therapy tutorials for BHE.

First and foremost, Jane is a mom! She is also a spirited defender and activist for human and animal rights. At a young age she was shocked, traumatized even, when seeing animals tortured for what she called “Blood Fashion.” In 2006, she founded the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC). She is presently involved in the liberation of the hostages of October 7th.

Screen Shot 2024-07-12 at 4.01.27 PM.png

Dr. Judith-Jolie Mairs-Levy
BHE Research Director

Dr. Mairs “wears many hats,” as she says, one of which is BHE Research Director along with Dr. Bijaoui. She is an accomplished researcher in multiple health fields and holds a Doctorate in Public Health Education and Research in addition to several other degrees. Her expertise ranges from health to diversity, to communication, to several medical specializations. Most of all, D. Mairs is a kind and caring person and a great addition to the BHE Dream Team. Her resumé may be found at BHE-Center for Independent Research (CIR).


Taryn Thompson, B.A.-Psych, LMT
Dr. Bijaoui’s Assistant

Taryn is a recent graduate of Southern New Hampshire University having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Congratulations Taryn! She also holds a massage therapy license, a Reiki Master certification, and certificates in meditation instruction and happiness coaching. Her passion and purpose are in holistic health and empowering individuals to take an active role in their healing. She is excited to join and support Dr. Bijaoui and the Dream Team in their efforts with BHE.

Corporate Members of BHE @ The Star’s Projects
Stay tuned to meet our Board Members

Coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Team BHE K-12 Academy & Ohayon’s Sports Academy
Coming up soon! Stay tuned!

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