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From Dreaming to Breaking The Glass Ceiling!

On February 8, 2019, Dr. Bijaoui’s dream manuscript (2018) was published by The International Journal of Dream Research. This research was inspired by Dr. Ablul-Enein who contacted Dr. Bijaoui to investigate and to write a paper about dream science and health behaviors.

Can dream science be used to elicit healthy behaviors? 

This topic fascinated Dr. Bijaoui! Her advances on dream science have not been contested nor commented by other scientists. 

While researching the developments and the setbacks in dream scientific literature, it became apparent to Dr. Bijaoui that links to the psychoanalytic dream theory were missing, which she evidenced with two breakthroughs and a new dream definition.  

She stated:
“Yes, dream science can elicit health behaviors, and also regularizes homeostasis! My research on dream science took me further than expected. The role of Freud’s Inconscient was mainly ignored in dream research. This led me to two breakthroughs, a reformulation of the REM sleep, and a new dream definition”.

First breakthrough: Solving the REM Paradoxical Sleep.

Second breakthrough: Establishing a relationship between dream recall and the Inconscient.

New dream definition: “Dreaming is the manifestation of a memory, disguised to a certain degree, which is triggered by a recent event, and expressed within a repeated cycle of pre-REM, REM, and post-REM sleep,” (Bijaoui, 2018).

Dream science keeps on growing in popularity, making now the perfect time to reintroduce Dr. Bijaoui’s manuscript who was once again, “too in advance for her time” (Greg Avale, Pharmacist at Horton and Converse, Century City). This unique manuscript is attached below as a free download.

Discover Your Nightlife! Dream Mysteries Decoded & Self-Analysis Video

From research to practice

In 2023, Dr. Bijaoui published a video to give dream science a practical function and application. It is available for purchase at BHE Shop.


The manuscript (2018) and the video (2023) are both written by Dr. Nadia Bijaoui. Copyright holder: Bio Health Education (BHE).
All rights reserved. No part of part of the manuscript or of the video may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Bio Health Education.
For copyrights information and permission, email BHE Contact
Copyright © 2018 & @ 2023 Bio Health Education


The science of dreams and their interpretation may seem like a recent trend, justifying current research interests. Yet, for centuries, dream science, once called oneirology, has captivated dreamers in quest of meanings and motivated scientists in search of explanations. Due to the recent expansion of dream research this narrative review discusses and explores relationships between dreaming and health promoting behaviors. Perspectives from current evidence are classified according to the fundamentals of the Freudian dream theory. Selected investigations are reviewed according to specific elements of the psychoanalytic theory, suggesting new approaches including an explanation of the paradox of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and new terms proposed, pre-REM and post-REM, to replace non-REM (NREM) sleep. This review draws parallels between selected studies and the possible health promotion benefits within a psychoanalytic perspective, proposing possible lines of research to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing within the context of dreaming. The potential of dreaming to elicit healthy behaviors may be possible if the dynamics of the psyche's structure are consciously understood. Further examinations of dream science could lead to unexplored areas of public health, neuropsychoanalysis, and health promotion with an integrative and cross-disciplinary approach.

Citing the manuscript 

Bijaoui N. J., Bernstein J., Markham C., & Aboul-Enein B.H. Can dream science be used to elicit healthy behaviors? (©2018; 2019).

International Journal of Dream Research.

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