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Bio Health Education

Bio Health Education @ The Star’s Projects - © since 2005
BHE Self-Help & Self-Development System - © since 2018

"Our physical health, mental wellness, and social health are maintained by constant interactions with each other, consciously and subconsciously"

-Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui.

Mission Statement

Within a dynamic realm of exchanges between mind, body, and environment, Bio Health Education provides valuable resources to assess and balance the human body from neurons (personal makeup) to social behaviors.

BHE is an established model of sub-projects that constitute a comprehensive Self-Help and Self-Development System by merging physical, mental, and social health for total wellness.
And always within a psychoanalytic perspective.

Besides a psychoanalytic perspective, BHE’s sub-projects are designed with a psychoeducational basis in order to revisit the past with new insights, and to go further on our inner and outer journeys.

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From The Other Side of The Curtain to BHE
What is BHE’s connection to The Other Side of The Curtain?
Dr. Bijaoui’s mission was to transcend her recovery into “Learning and Growing from PTSD” - Part 2 of 
The Other Side of The Curtain - Recovering from Deep Coma & 
Brain Power Activation through Dreaming.

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