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BHE Introduction

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BHE is local and global, informative and educational, for adults, teenagers, children, groups, and corporations via: 

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BHE is the first project of The Star’s Projects. It consists of sub-projects organized in categories and in levels of prevention for self-help and self-development. BHELearning is BHE teaching platform. 


BHE sub-projects are structured in three categories:
Physical Health
Mental Wellness
Social Health

Levels of Prevention

Public Health Prevention Model was designed with three levels for conditions affecting only physical health. BHE reintroduced the concept by adding mental wellness and social health as see above under Categories.

Besides categories, BHE sub-projects are further classified in three levels of prevention:

First Prevention: No symptoms
Secondary Prevention: At risk and/or symptoms appearing
Third Prevention: Full-blown symptoms

BHELearning is the platform where BHE’s sub-projects are listed for purchase.


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