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Dr. Nadia Bijaoui

"Creating gold starts at the cellular level" Bio Health Education (BHE)

While my field of studies (Psychoanalysis, Health Education, Psychology, Neuroscience, Preventive Medicine) seem separated by an educational distance, they also integrate body, mind, and brain, the ultimate links to homeostasis, or the foundation of health and balance for harmony within the Self - A very
fragile equilibrium. 

Having specializations in more than one field does not lessen any value but increases the potential of each. My in-depth approach to each one of those fields, enhanced by my observations and applications, has frequently proved itself too in advance for the time. 
My practice and my orientation are defined as Contemporary Psychoanalysis, which extends beyond classical psychoanalysis by incorporating other theories and methods to best benefit the person who is working with me when searching for guidance and answers. My perspective on total health is diversified within a dynamic realm of exchanges ranging from individual makeup, to emotions, to behavior, and
to societal integration; meaning from neurons to effective members in society. 

In other words, my practice is flexible and may combine several techniques such as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), biofeedback,  consulting, coaching, and/or self-education. The ultimate quest is mental wellness, physical health, and social health for total wellbeing and harmony from within.

I am also the creator of Bio Health Education (BHE), the first project of The Star Projects. BHE interconnects physical, mental, and social health within three levels of prevention for freedom from diseases and from negative influences for self-realization within local and global communities.

My approach to health? Simply the Shamaness’ Vision…

TV flash (2015? 2016?): Hollywood Culture Crowd (HCC), a mix of actors & supporters

This TV flash got my full attention... A new HCC trend, some sort of shamanism, was replacing yoga, meditation, self-awareness, body, and mind connection. 

Indeed, a Shaman from some faraway land was now appeasing this vulnerable population.  The reporter described this new healer in the best way he could, as he attempted to state: “... someone who could see things you cannot see about yourself”.

I smiled! I liked that!

I now perceive myself differently. 
According to this reporter & definition, I am a Shaman! Better, a Shamaness! 
I do see things others cannot see, but not with Shamanism, rather with a
mix of science, intuition, and vision. And always with a clear explanation of
my evaluation and suggested individualized programs.

Not being mainstream and rather complex, classifying myself in typical
ways is not always a given. I learned that my approach to healing was
simply, the Shamaness’ Vision…

Thank you Mister Reporter! I owe you one!

When teaching about self-identification, I now add this anecdote to the joke
of the beautiful woman and the cowboy who had a brief conversation at a
bar. Yes, humor is part of my healing system, one of my strategies,
especially when dealing with the mysterious zones of the "Inconscient"
(Subconscious zones).  
"Inconscient" and not “subconscious” is used here, as in psychoanalytic language.

As a born teacher (this is genetic) and an avid learner (this is environmental), how I perceive myself has changed, inspired by my environment (nature and nurture). 

Observing, learning, teaching, and sharing activated my passion to transmit and to heal, which guided me into creating Bio Health Education (BHE) (since 2005).

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui

Psychoanalyst, Integrated Health Consultant, Independent Researcher
License Number: #RP102


Research psychoanalysts are registered and regulated by the Medical Board of California.

To check up on a registration or to file a complaint go to, or email:, or call (800) 633-2322.
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