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A Poem for Peace
Recipient of 1st Place 2008 Poetry Award

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Under The Gun by David Ohayon  

What’s the word mockingbird
What was heard
That struck fear in my ear
What was it
That made me have this fit
It was when that fire was lit
That night, what fright
That it brought such distraught
When a bomb blew
Who knew that it was going on again
More people lost that friend
It was the beast from the Middle East
That started again that feast
That brought Death
And peoples last breath
It brought on blood, like a flood
What can be done
To save every son
We don’t need them dying
While all these moms are crying
I can’t comprehend
How they continue to offend
When will it all end
We must bend that corner of peace
Life must get out of that crease
If we continue to hate
We will not be able to create
Or levitate, to that
Spot, for which we had fought
And where they had sought
That peace of life.

Copyright ©2008 David Ohayon


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Beyond Our Feelings

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How to reawaken your awareness within to make smarter choices, create deep, lasting relationships and live up to your true potential.


by Adam Seymour

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