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Available Online

BHE Consultations & Orientation (C-O)

Health Prescription & Individualized Program for Self-Discovery & Self-Development

  • 45 minutes
  • Location 1

Service Description

A C-O consists of four sessions, three online plus another one during which I will be creating your Health Prescription and Individualized Program. C-O Four Session-Design Session 1 You are invited to share anything you want to share about yourself, your present condition, your past experiences, the reason for your consultation, how you are feeling, what you would like to achieve. The floor is yours and you are free to express yourself, in any way you wish. Session 2 I will ask you questions, and/or clarifications or reformulations about what you shared during Session 1. Session 3 I will be working behind the scenes for you. I would prefer you to be available by phone or email in case I have more questions. During this time, I will design your Health Prescription and Individualized Program. Session 4 We will examine together your Health Prescription and Individualized Program and evaluate it together. I may include referrals or resources if needed. We will also decide if additional sessions together are needed, then or after a length of time we decide together.

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